AITIIP Technological Centre is a non-profit private entity located in Zaragoza, Spain, whose goal is to increase the competitiveness of the companies in the moulds and plastic parts manufacturing industry, as well as to spread knowledge and to transfer the know-how to face new technological challenges.

The main areas of expertise are focused on advanced materials, advanced manufacturing, recycling strategies and the development of sustainable solutions and products.

AITIIP´s team pursues the improvement of the general sustainability of the value chain, material production and transformation technologies, recycling and adaptation of novel materials (including biobased, functionalized...) into manufacturing processes and final sustainable and high-performance products.

AITIIP accounts for more than 17,000m2 of innovative pilot lines for circular processes and sustainable products.

In COMPAS project, AITIIP role is focused on advanced manufacturing and process improvements for the development of the remanufacturing process for thermoplastic composites, mainly working on innovations in the press and heating systems and tooling.