NSBproject is a private Italian consultancy founded in 2004, with headquarters in Mantua and an EU Projects Office in Venice.

We are a passionate team, addicted to innovation and committed to identifying and exploiting the potential of R&D results.

Over the years we have supported European innovation providers and seekers, helping them to get the most out of their R&D projects and investments.

We participate in strategic European R&D projects to explore and probe the market potential, communicate, and disseminate their results,
support the technology development process while keeping the focus on the demand side, organize and manage the entire innovation path up to and including follow-up initiatives.

In Compass, NSB will lead the dissemination and exploitation tasks with the aim of developing and implementing a dissemination and exploitation strategy to disseminate the project results to the main target groups and the wider stakeholder community, while facilitating clustering with other EU-funded projects to maximize exploitation opportunities.